With operational certainty, we’ll always focus on delivering uncompromising quality, expert support, and one single-minded solution. YOURS.

Supporting our highly experienced team is a diverse fleet of construction and specialty equipment of nearly 500 pieces. As a contractor, Forgen’s approach is to have the right equipment for each task and provide properly qualified operators who will ensure safety and productivity.

Forgen implements a stringent and consistent maintenance program for all equipment, employing in-house mechanics to service all equipment prior to mobilization, and perform inspections to ensure that each piece is functioning properly and meets all safety requirements.

With our in-house fleet of equipment, we can complete most projects with minimal support from subcontractors or rental facilities. Our supply of critical spare parts and redundant equipment minimize downtime and maximize production.

Our fleet of equipment includes custom long range excavators, Standard Excavators, LGP Dozers, Off-Road Haul Trucks, Reagent Mix Plants and other specialty equipment.