Forgen is for generations.

We leave the planet better than we found it through our integrated environmental, geotechnical, and civil construction services.

What We Do

Environmental Remediation

We have partnered with clients to safely remediate and restore hazardous sites for decades. From remote legacy sites in ecologically sensitive areas to highly-visible urban locations and active facilities, our teams are adept at accommodating site and project needs to deliver turnkey remediation solutions that last.

Geotechnical and Civil Construction

Our geotechnical and specialty civil construction solutions support a range of projects for clients across North America. With numerous applications, our capabilities isolate or divert groundwater, support structural foundations, improve soil and material properties, provide underseepage improvements, and more.

Flood Control and Ecosystem Restoration

We have supported some of the largest flood control and restoration initiatives in the country, including the installation of water diversion and control structures, dam and levee restoration, and the construction and remediation of wetlands. Protecting coastal communities and restoring ecosystems are a large part of what we do.

Disaster Mitigation and Recovery

Our disaster mitigation and recovery services restore safety to communities in crisis mode and create a more resilient environment for the future. We’ve led some of the most high-profile disaster response efforts, from hazardous debris removal after devastating wildfires, to emergency repair services at the Oroville Dam.

At Forgen, we restore, strengthen, and protect.  

We’ve successfully delivered large, multi-disciplinary projects for public and private sector clients across North America for more than a decade, safely tackling complex challenges across a multitude of industries. 

Our integrated environmental, geotechnical, and civil construction services restore and strengthen our natural surroundings to protect people, communities, and the environment for generations to come. 

Our Work

Kalamazoo River Superfund Site Sediment Removal

We provided full-service remediation of a portion of the Kalamazoo River to restore the site to its former beauty and protect the surrounding communities for generations.

Bel Marin Keys Hamilton Restoration Project

Bel Marin Keys Hamilton Restoration Project

The two-mile levee we constructed near the Bel Marin Keys in California will restore tidal marshes and provide flood control for nearby communities.

Oroville Dam Emergency Response

When the Governor of California declared a state of emergency following a rupture at the main spillway of the Oroville Dam, our team worked around the clock to remove debris and perform emergency repairs.

Legacy Copper Mine Remediation

Our team navigated deep into the Cascade Mountains to mitigate mine impacts and restore the watershed and riparian habitat above Lake Chelan.

Latest News

Bel Marin Keys Hamilton Restoration Project

Forgen Selected for Natomas Basin Levee Improvement Project in Sacramento, California

Forgen-Odin JV to Perform Foundation and Cutoff Wall Features of CEPP EAA A-2 Reservoir

Forgen-Odin JV to Perform Foundation and Cutoff Wall Features of CEPP EAA A-2 Reservoir

John Dudasch Joins Forgen as Chief Operating Officer

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