ET Environmental – Sayreville Former NL Industries Site Soil Blending Project

Sayerville, New Jersey


Great Lakes E&I continues activity at the Sayreville site with a scope of work supporting the construction of the largest Bass Pro Shops store in the country. The work is a continuation of the alliance and partnering with the developer-PGIM/North American Properties, consultant-ET Environmental and local union trades. The most recent scope of work includes the blending of low level naturally occurring radiological material with processed dredge material to render the final product suitable for use as backfill within commercial areas of the development.  The 30,000 cubic yards of final blended material is following the successful blending of over 150,000 cubic yards performed in the past by the project team.  Additional scopes of work include the dredging of 4,000 cubic yards of sediment from an on-site settling pond, demolition and processing of 1,500 cubic yards of ignitable sulfur encrusted concrete, and load out of high level radiological material into railroad gondolas for ultimate disposal at an approved facility.