Great Lakes E&I has completed construction of two soil-cement-bentonite (SCB) cutoff walls for a redevelopment company which had assumed the obligation to remediate the property and close out all environmental issues. The site, located in Perth Amboy, New Jersey along the Raritan River, was a former steel mill. Two SCB cutoff walls were needed as part of the remedial action to reduce the rate of contamination leaching into the groundwater and the bordering river.

Project scope included construction of two SCB cutoff walls: a northern diversion wall to divert groundwater around the site, and a southern perimeter wall needed to contain the groundwater at the site. In total, the SCB cutoff walls had an area of 226,665 sf and were 4,635 ft long. The walls, with depths that ranged from 30 to 70 ft below ground surface, were constructed using a Komatsu PC1250 extended reach excavator. Scope of work also included construction of a 65 ft wide level working platform, tie-back removal, sheet pile removal, fencing, and site restoration.