Owned and operated by Waste Management, the Altamont Landfill is one of the largest landfills in Northern California. Great Lakes E&I completed three heavy civil construction projects within the boards of the landfill.

The first project included removal of over 100,000 cy of blasted rock which was hauled to a stockpile location approximately 1.25 miles from the excavation area and graded to match the surrounding topography. The second project was an experimental landfill cap called an Evapotranspirative Cover (ET Cover). The ET Cover was constructed within an approximate 10 acre area located on top of the existing landfill, and established by placing 55,000 cy of screened material on top of garbage. Due to the large amount of uneven trash settled across the10 acre area, constructing the ET Cover to a thickness of exactly 3 feet proved to be a challenge.  The third project was the construction of a 30,000 cy dam which created a sediment basin at the bottom of the landfill property. Included in the basin construction was the creation of 9,500 cy of 18 inch minus riprap, generated from onsite rock and placed in the inlet and dam spillway.